The Forum for Genetic Research addresses current developments in the field of genetic research and the many applications considered relevant to society. In addition to scientific knowledge, the ethical, social and legal aspects are also taken into account.

The current thematic focus includes the following:

Feldversuch mit gentechnisch verändertem Weizen Universität Zürich Agroscore

Green genetic engineering

Genetic engineering is used in crop breeding to facilitate the development of plant varieties with certain improved characteristics.


Santé personnalisée

Les développements dans les sciences de la vie et la biomédecine conduisent à l’obtention de données toujours plus nombreuses et plus précises, qu’il s’agisse d’informations génétiques ou cliniques. Ces données multiples sont d’utilité directe dans le cadre de la santé personnalisée.

DNA Helix Gen

Synthetic biology

A new research discipline at the interface of biology and engineering aiming to develop, build on and modify biological systems.

Specimen bag for biological sample.
Immagine: A. Chiang (flickr)


Certain materials, technologies and knowledge created by life science research has a potential for being misused for harmful purposes.

Kürbis Natürlich Künstlich

Natural – Artificial

„Natural“ is generally equated with good and authentic while in contrast the „artificial“ is regarded with suspicion. But where does nature end and the artificial begin?

Molekularbiologische Forschung im Labor
Immagine: Luca Volpi (flickr)

Indicators for genetic research

Genetic research activities in Swiss public institutions are monitored using indicators and the results compared among different countries.