Biological research creates knowledge and technologies that can significantly improve human and animal health as well as environmental conditions. Sometimes, however, these same findings can be misused, for example as bioweapons or for bioterrorism. The Forum for Genetic Research is contributing to draw the attention of the scientific community to this so-called "dual-use" dilemma.

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Misuse of biological research - do we need to be concerned?
February 3rd 2017, Zurich
In collaboration with Life Sciences Switzerland and the support of the Federal Office for Public Health

Young scientists discussed about "dual use" research at the symposium "Misuse of biological resaerch: do we need to be concerned?" on February 3rd 2017. The video produced at the event gives an overview of the discussion and the different opinions expressed.

Video (2017) Misuse of biological research: do we need to be concerned?

Workshops for the scientific community

In spring 2016, the Forum for Genetic Research with the support of the Federal Office of Public Health three workshops on "How to address the misuse potential of biological research?. More than 40 life science researchers took part. They discussed how the research community is currently addressing the "dual use" dilemma and which additional tools could be useful. You can find an overview of the results of these discussion in the summary below.